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New College Review 2020 issue cover, featuring painting of a face with colorful, swirling strokes as hair, and title "Mindgarden: Exploring the Mental Condition"

MINDGARDEN: Exploring the Mental Condition

One of the NCR course objectives is the printing and distribution of the New College Review magazine in the spring; holding a physical copy of this collaborative work is something we dote on. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the printing of physical copies of this issue was not possible, but our goal, as conditions allow, is to publish a print version of MINDGARDEN in the near future.
Nonetheless, this unique situation presented an opportunity for the NCR to veer into a virtual space to showcase the fine work by UA students.

The 2020 issue of the New College Review, MINDGARDEN: Exploring the Mental Condition, is now available in PDF form.

This version is only partially accessible. For accessibility concerns, please contact us